Uncomfortable with gravity

                        constantly fixing her on earth

                        she reads the other bible, sees

                        a mean God who wants to hurt

                        her. Spitting out prayers on streets

                        and trams, her days are full as dirt

                        that waits for her grave. There’s no worst

                        day for her. She may fly. She feels

                        uncomfortable and gravity’s

                        constant. Fixed. She’s not at home on earth.

Mark J. Mitchell’s latest novel, The Magic War just appeared from Loose Leaves Publishing. He studied writing at UC Santa Cruz under Raymond Carver and George Hitchcock. His work has appeared in the several anthologies and hundreds of periodicals. Three of his chapbooks— Three Visitors, Lent, 1999, and Artifacts and Relics—and the novel, Knight Prisoner are available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble..  He lives with his wife the activist and documentarian, Joan Juster and makes a living pointing out pretty things in San Francisco.

A meager online presence can be found at