Honey Hollow Farm



Pray for the dead barn mouse caught deep in the oats barrel,

dried up and deceived and finally beyond any claw.


Pray for the yard dog and his two dozen ticks,

hanging like dirty teardrop pearls.


Pray for the angry mob of sparrows.

They hear the owl at dusk but simply cannot see it.


Pray for the pond still waiting to become glass again.

The morning storm unsettled its silt.


Pray for the harness hung from a nail

so near to the horses it aches to restrain.


Pray for the pasture, knocked flat with too much sun.

“The road,” it cries. “The fence.”

Lee Potts is a poet living in Philadelphia. His work has appeared in the Painted Bride QuarterlyGargoyleDoor is a Jar, and Cold Creek Review. He has two poems forthcoming in Saint Katherine Review. You can find more of his work at leepotts.net.