from Atlas ("water column of rain and shine”)

Water column of rain or shine. No guarantee 

is made or implied. Washes in many rural 

locations. Studies find a population 

among a town of people.  

The number of bays, both 

directions of flow. Streams tend to favor 

a narrow genre of line, general or giant.

What hour of weep or freeze 

in single or three, what pre-

plumbed heat or tape, 

what boom of steel.

Plumb with unions, run to weep cloth 

or a cloth-like material. No other water 

touches the vehicle. A southern exposure 

of ice in cold weather.  

Wash a rinse-winter, a rinse-

summer hot or cold, 

another cycle of time.

If it rains for a week, the three rivers

reach out and touch fingers.

Glenn Bach lives and works in Southern California, with brief stints in Milwaukee and Brooklyn. His long poem, Atlas, has been excerpted in Dusie, jubilat, Otoliths, and others. Glenn publishes an interview blog,, and documents his other activities at